Being there for each other, helping and supporting each other and being lovingly connected with each other for ever deep in their hearts. Sibling hearts for a lifetime and beyond.               A wonderful role model for a wonderful foundation.   We want to make the lives of children, especially in Germany and Asia, a little bit brighter and more colorful.


The aim of the foundation is to help shape a world in which children can not suffer poverty, develop healthy and develop freely. A world where children are treated with dignity and respect. That is why the wishes, rights and needs are there children at the heart of all aid projects funded by the Foundation.


Since the Andy & Bianca Dauber Foundation Sibling Hearts is managed by the Plan Foundation "Hilfe mit Plan" in trust, the Foundation is primarily involved in Plan-projects. According to statute, the Andy & Bianca Dauber Foundation Sibling Hearts in addition, with up to 49% of their funds, other projects that support the foundation's purpose are supported.

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Photo: Plan International
Photo: Plan International

Current projects

Photo: Plan International
Photo: Plan International

Nepal - learn in a save environment

With this project, we are strengthening the rights especially of girls and children with disabilities. Among other things, we are expanding two schools and ensuring access to clean water in several schools in order to provide children with a safe and secure learning environment after the earthquake.

Help through   book sales

In 2018, the book 'Success in the New Economy' was published in cooperation with American bestselling author Brain Tracy, one of the most successful coaches in the world. With the purchase of the book or ebook you support the children of our projects, because the income flows 100% into the foundation.

Photo: Plan International
Photo: Plan International

Philippines - stop child trafficking

The project component Protection for traumatized girls and boys is part of the project Stop Child Trafficking!. In order to provide the necessary support to children who have been victims of human trafficking, we are expanding a care center and furnishing it with the necessary materials.


Doing good can do so well!



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Die Andy & Bianca Dauber Stiftung Geschwisterherzen wird treuhänderisch verwaltet von der Stiftung Hilfe mit Plan, Bramfelder Straße 70, 22305 Hamburg.