Since the Andy & Bianca Dauber Foundation Sibling Hearts is managed in trust by the Plan Foundation "Hilfe mit Plan", we are primarily engaged in planning projects. According to the statutes, our foundation can also support other projects that meet the purpose of the foundation with up to 49% of its funds. Because of course, children in Germany are also close to our hearts. A suitable project is therefore also planned. But with a donation you can already contribute to it.

Current projects

Nepal -

learn in safety

Foto: Plan International
Foto: Plan International

Philippines -

child protection

Foto: Plan International
Foto: Plan International

Why Asia?

I was fortunate enough to travel to a large number of countries for a few years as a professional - a great gift, for which I am very grateful. I saw a lot of the world, beautiful and sad, both shapes life. Asia is very important to me. I visited orphanages, where the life of the mostly sick and neglected children deeply shook me. But I myself was always received so sincerely warm and found wonderful friendships. With this warmth of heart, I would like to give something back and support projects especially for children in Asia. MANY THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

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Andy & Bianca Dauber Stiftung Geschwisterherzen

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