Nepal - learn in a save environment

Project region:   Makwanpur

Project duration: December 2017 - November 2020



What awaits us


After the earthquake in Nepal in 2015, 47,497 out of a total of 84,000 schools were destroyed or damaged. Particularly affected is the Makwanpur region, where 43% of the classrooms are no longer safe.


What we want to achieve


With our project we provide children, especially girls, with secure access to education. To do so, we are strengthening the rights of girls and children with disabilities to create a safe and inclusive learning environment. In total, 3,660 girls and boys between the ages of three and 16 profit from the activities.


What we do for it


Renovation and civil protection measures at two schools 

At Churiyamai and Kalika School, renovations are taking place on the roof and on some walls, so that children can learn to be safe in the schools. In addition, minor repairs are implemented as needed and lightning conductors are installed at both schools.


Civil protection training courses at Kalika and Churiyamai School

Teachers and students participate in trainings to learn how to behave and protect themselves in the event of a disaster. The participants are multipliers and pass on their knowledge to their classmates or colleagues.


In addition, pupils and teachers are trained in first aid and receive initial equipment. In the third year of the project a refresher of what has been learned takes place. Teachers will also be trained on health care to ensure that awareness of a healthy and safe growing up of children is maintained.



Foto: Plan International
Foto: Plan International

Trainings on gender and child protection
A plan to improve the conditions for girls and children with disabilities is being set up in the participating schools. Accompanying courses are held with pupils and teachers on the topics of gender, child protection and inclusive and gender-compliant pedagogical methods.


Founding and strengething of "Child Clubs"
In coordination with the schools, "child clubs" are founded and strengthened, in which girls and boys learn to represent their interests and recognize and promote personal strengths.


Cooperation with the local authorities 
In the districts, workshops are held with local authorities, teachers, students of the "Child Clubs" and other official representatives to raise awareness of and ensure a sustainable and protected learning environment.



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