The name 'SIBLING HEARTS' has a very special background. My beloved brother Andy and I, Bianca always called each other brother heart and sister heart. We were one heart and one soul, always there for each other. His sudden progress in 2015 at the young age of 38 years was the worst fatal blow for us.


But every great tragedy carries a grain of good in itself. This is how his values should live on. Not only did I admire him for so much. Especially his courage, his loyalty and helpfulness, such as his exemplary involvement in clubs and his great love for his children seeks his-same. Here all may live on and DO GOOD!


Just as we sisters were lovingly there for each other, so it is now the Andy & Bianca Dauber Foundation Sibling Hearts for many girls and boys.


The founding of our own foundation allows me to live and share exactly what Andy and I were especially concerned about - making children's lives step by step safer, more beautiful and colorful!


For many years, one of my great wishes was to start my own foundation. Having been involved with Plan International for 20 years the idea came up with the Plan Foundation Center.


The aim of the Andy & Bianca Dauber Foundation Sibling Hearts is primarily to support children in Germany and Asian developing countries. Particular focus will be placed on education, health and protection, always with the aim of helping people to help themselves.


The Andy & Bianca Dauber Foundation Sibling Hearts wants to keep up a world in which children, young adults and their families can not suffer poverty, develop healthy and develop freely. A world in which they are treated with dignity and respect. The foundation particularly wants to promote the interests of children in Asian developing countries. Therefore, the needs, rights and wishes of these children are the focus of all aid projects funded by the Foundation.



»The aim of the Andy & Bianca Dauber

Foundation Sibling Hearts is to

support children primarily in Germany
and Asian developing countries.


Particular focus will be placed on

education, health and protection,

always with the goal 'Helping

people help themselves'

Hands reach - take initiative



Andy & Bianca Dauber Stiftung Geschwisterherzen

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft

IBAN: DE57 7002 0500 6842 5002 50




Andy & Bianca Dauber Stiftung Geschwisterherzen


Stiftungsvorstand: Bianca Dauber

Steuernummer: 17/416/02136
Finanzamt Hamburg-Nord

Die Andy & Bianca Dauber Stiftung Geschwisterherzen wird treuhänderisch verwaltet von der Stiftung Hilfe mit Plan, Bramfelder Straße 70, 22305 Hamburg.